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Fast and Furious Scalextric

Scalextric 1/32 Analog RTR Limited Edition 2 Car Set – Feature Chevrolet Camaro & Dodge Challenger Fast & Furious Cars

The first of the Fast And The Furious movie franchise hit cinema theaters around the globe in 2001. Six movies later, the Fast And The Furious has become one of the most recognizable vehicle-based action series of all time. The high-octane action movies, centered on illegal street racing and starring Vin Diesel, follows the lives of a group of like-minded petrol heads on the wrong side of the law. Scalextric pair two of the most iconic vehicles from Fast and the Furious; the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger.

Car Features

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-ups


Working Headlights Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights

High Detail

Scalextric Touring Cars

Beginning in 1958 the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) continues to draw crowds with high octane racing, passionate fans and iconic cars!
Now you can bring the thrills and spills of the BTCC into your living room and recreate all the drama and fun at home.


  • 4 Track Layout
  • Speed Limiter Controller
  • Lap Counter


  • Supplied with a UK transformer
  • Space Required: 191x132cm
  • Track Length: 484cm
  • Scale: 1:32

Special Features:
Super resistant cars, Magnatraction, Easy change pick-ups, Digital plug ready

Scalextric Urban Outrun

An empty road, no one around, the growl of the engine the only sound for miles. Two tuned up street cars go head to head to see who will come out on top and take victory.

This is Scalextric ‘Zombies vs Spartans’, an epic battle that takes place over multiple track layouts – who will be victorious in your household?

Key Features

– 4 Track Layout 4 Track Layout

– Speed Limiter Controller Speed Limiter Controller

– Lap Counter Lap Counter

– Space Required: 191 x 132cm

– Track Length: 484cm

– Scale: 1:32

– Age Suitability: 5+


– GT Spartan Car

– GT Zombie Car

– Powerbase straight

– Lap counter straight

– 6 x Radius 2 90° curve

– 4 x Radius 2 45° curve

– 2 x Track support

– 2 x Speed limiter hand controllers

– 4 x Braid plates

– Supplied with a UK transformer

Scalextric Ultimate Rivals

The closest thing to real racing – App Race Control! Create and manage races with your smart device. 6 Race Modes to choose from.

Go head-to-head with the Scalextric ARC ONE Ultimate Rivals set. The ARC ONE technology allows you to customise your race for a truly personal experience.

It’s so simple to get started! Download the ARC app, connect your powerbase to your Smart Device, select from various race scenarios and you’re ready to race.

Key Features — 9 Track Layout, Fuel Usage, Lap Counter, Light Start, Pit Stop, Post-Race Statistics, Tyre Wear, Speed Limiter Controller.

BMW Z4 GT3 and Mercedes AMG GT3. These cars are Digital Plug ready, have Easy Change Pick-ups, and High Detail, Working Front and Rear Lights, Magnatraction and blacked-out windows.

Scalextric App Race Control

Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) is a revolutionary slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Download the ARC app, then connect your smart device via Bluetooth to the new ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your Scalextric races.

Scalextric Grand Prix

Williams and McLaren are two of the best loved British Formula 1 racing teams and are considered by many to be two of the greatest racing teams in the world. Their rivalry has been enjoyed by motorsport fans for decades and the 2017 season saw just how close the teams are with them finishing in 9th and 5th position respectively.

Create your own grand prix battles at home with friends and family.

Key Features: 4 Track Layout, Speed Limiter Controller, Lap Counter Lap Counter

Tech Specs: Supplied with a UK transformer, Space Required: 191 x 132cm, Track Length: 484cm, Scale: 1:32

Easy Change Pick-Ups, Super-Resistant, Magnatraction

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